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New M2 with crooked chokes?


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Just curious whether the choke tubes should be straight in the rifle bore. On mine the barrel has about twice the thichness of metal on one side than the other where is encircles the choke tubes. You can see a lip where the choke meets the bore when you look down the bore. which means the choke has an edge hanging out into the bore on the other side.

I took it back to the dealer today. Then I went to sportsmans warehouse and they had an M2 with the exact same thing only the tube was pointing off in another direction. Any advice appreciated.

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well i too bought an m2 today from sportsman's and although my choke is straight i got 1 ic choke in the box and 2 modified, no full.


while at the gun counter i asked that the gun be put in the box for the ride home. when the guy took it apart the spring and parts flew every where.

it took several guys guessing how it went together and they finally gave up and boxed it up.


my parts do not match the parts in the manual at all.


soooo, with my camera i'll take pics and see if anybody on here can instruct me how to get the barrel on with the springs, washers and plugs.


as for your barrel, mine is straight and yours is not. take it back before you get attached to it, no excuses!!


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sometimes when your looking staight on, at the end of a threaded tube, it can look that way. This is because the thread major (high point) and minnor diameter(low point) are showing at the end of the choke. They are 180 form each other, thus making an offset look to the tube.


The only real way to tell of the chokes bore the concentric with the chokes outside diameter is to measure the wall thickness with the proper micrometer. Perferably a "ball mic"


If you can see that the choke is not center of the barrels bore by looking into the chamber end , DO NOT USES THAT CHOKE.

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Russ F.

There are no threads visible on the choke tube when installed. Maybe I need to clarify....The choke tubes are fine. The barrel itself is overbored to a larger diameter for the chokes to fit inside of. If you look into the muzzle end of the barrel you can see that the metal thickness is twice as thick on one side of the barrel than the other. Down the inside of the barrel you can see that the choke is offset to the barrel bore in the opposite direction.

The borehole for the choke is not merely offset, but is actually out of line and actually pointing off to the right.

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I have heard of this on some Benelli barrels.


Given that Benelli ID's vary sooooo much, nothing surprises me anymore!


While none of my chokes tubes fit flush at the skirt (the bore is tighter than the tube), all are apparently evenly tapped.


If you can truly see a huge difference in one side versus the other, you have an improperly tapped choke system IMHO.


Call Benelli CS and see what they say.


mudhen - CA

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