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benelli M3


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I have two preban M3's. a M3T folding stock and one with a pistol Grip. I have a 26 inch barrel, a 3 shot limmiter, and a standard stock that I can change out for hunting. They both perform perfectly as long as you use hibrass loads. If you shoot lowbrass you are going to want to pump. Love the guns otherwise



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I found that mine wouldn't cycle all the time if I shot "from the hip" (meaning that the gun wasn't against my shoulder or other firm object). I never could get it to work with ANY 2 3/4" loads unless it was shouldered. That said, I do miss it and would like to buy jmikesteen's folder!

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thank you for the input, i think this will be the shotgun i will get then, the reasion why i picked the M3 was because of the pump feacher for those light loads for skit, i think it wouldnt function from the hip is because this is a recoile operated auto loading firearm, but thank you for your input

Edited to add, what other barrals would fit on this shotgun, also can the barrls i can get for this shot gun if possible have removable chokes?


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I haven't really looked at your other question so I don't know. Mine had cylinder choke in it, but I don't see why they couldn't have regular screw-in chokes. It's been years since I got rid of mine so maybe they have screw-in's and I just left cylinder in mine. I don't think any other barrel will fit the M3 without modification.

I'd like to add too that the M3 isn't the best Benelli for field or skeet use. I'd personally say it (and maybe the M1014) are the best for home defense, but for game purposes most people are better served by the M1 or SBE.

If you specifically would like a pump, the Nova is a fine gun. I now only have a Super Black Eagle. I have gotten rid of ALL of my other 12 gauge shotguns. It did everything I needed it to do so slowly I got rid of my others which included many fine O/U's. I only have one other shotgun and it's a Remington 1100 .410. I'd buy a Benelli .410 if they'd make one!

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