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sbe II recoil spring


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I've cleaned the recoil sping, and I've tried for the last hour to reinstall it, but Omigod, it's just too tough to go back in! Both my thumbs are raw, and I just can't try any more tonight. Is there a special tool for getting it back in? My lovely 1-year old SBE II is just a pile of parts right now, and I want to shoot it for trap this week. What's the secret, guys? Mudhen, I know you've been an advocate for cleaning and keeping everything together, but how do you reinstall that recoil spring? Advice greatly appriciated!

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Same as every other recoil spring.


You must be doing something wrong :confused:


I just push the spring in, hold it there with my fingas, and use the tube nut to hold the spring down while screwing it back in.


Tighten up with the 17mm and back in business.


Good luck!


mudhen - CA

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Thanks for responding, fellas. I'm still a bit ignorant about this inertia system, which I really like, by the way. I've been using gas operated semis for years, but this is my first inertia gun. Tucker is right, I have the bolt locked open. I'll fix that when I get home tonight.

Everything came out just like the previous posts said; I just have to get it back together now.

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Taking the bolt out did the trick! The spring went back in as slick as you please, and everything else went right back into place. The SBE II is good to go now, and I've certainly learned a valuable thing. Thanks again, Tucker.

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