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Well.... whaddaya know!


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Ditto to what cherok9878 says about the extra barrells.

I've got the -06, but if I were going to use it for Texas whitetails and elk I'd step up to the 300, either regular mag or WSM.


My 30-06 was not all that pleasing in the beginning. I had migrated from a BAR in 270.

The biggest diappointment was accuracy, but another board member, phenon101, put me onto a better factory load and tossed in a few other tips for good measure.

After some tweaking, the R1 groups around 1.25' at 100 yards with Remington Accutip 150's.

phenom101 reports tighter groups with handloads, but I'm past having the time in my life to play around with handloading anymore tongue.gif


Fit, feel, and finish of the rifle is excellent, but most of us would like to see a stainless/synthetic offering.


Search these boards for "R1" and you'll find our archived reports and discussions.

Pay particular attention to phenom's posts as he has come up with some great tips to improve accuracy and function.


Bottom line - If your whitetails and elk are at 300 yards and under, then the R1 should be fine.

Otherwise, go with a good bolt gun.


I need a semi-auto because many of my shots at whitetail are on the run, so a follow up or four comes in handy.


Our limits are also liberal, so we can make piles on doe days :D

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The BAR with a BOSS is far more accurate than the R1. In fact it will shoot better than most untuned bolt guns. But the BAR is a club compared to the R1. So you have a semi-auto that's great for deliberate shots but is about worthless if you jump an Elk in the black timber. The R1 on the other hand, handles like a good upland 20 bore shotgun. Now if they would just offer a 9.3x62 ........


As close as we can come is the Merkel in 9.3x62, short and handy and really "German ugly"!



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