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300 mag scope mounts


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I have a r-1, 30-06 with the 20" barrel and love it!! It has a leupold 3x9 vxii. It shoots much better than my BAR. I recently ordered a 300 mag with the 20" barrel, and understand I will be losing some velocity, but love the shoerter barrel. The question I have about this new rifle is a friend liked my r-1 and got one for himself, with a ziess scope but could not it to site in using leupold mounts. I don't know if the ziess has less adjustment than the the leupold or if I am going to have a problem with my new gun if I put a ziess scope on it. I did a search and did not come up with a answer, although phenom101 uses QR rings with his and likes them.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

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I tried using a Leupold base on mine and found that there was not enough vertical adjustment.

I don't recall if it ran out high or low.


Had to go back to the Picatinny rail, which is slightly tapered front to back.


Shims, commonly used by long range shooters are another option.




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Originally posted by Ivanab:

I just don't like the rail.

I know what you mean.

Beyond my belief that dovetails are unbeatable, there's the issue of aesthetics.

That saw-toothed rail, sitting atop the otherwise sleek and elegant R1, looks like a brush guard on a Ferrari.

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Thanks ... I like my BAR, but it has the BOSS system which was a nightmare for me to work with. I shot 165gr Hornady's for twenty five years and couldn't find a setting that worked for them. Wound up shooting 200gr Federals because they worked; after stuffing everything I had from 150's to 178's, 180's to 190's Remington, Winchester, Hornady, Seirra, Federal, through the gun ... and about a zillion settings. While I like a lot about the gun, the whole ordeal didn't leave me overjoyed.

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