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.06 Issues

R1 Ridges

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I bought a new R1 this past February with my work bonus and was able to only shoot it for the second time this past weekend. The first time it took a while to settle in and the trigger gave me some fits, but I eventually got a 1" group about 1" high at 100 yards using 165 gr Federal Premiums Sierra Boat Tails. Perfect!


This last weekend, with two new boxes of the same shells, I started at about 8" low at 100 yards. I rasied it up thinking that maybe the new shells were a little different then the 3 year old shells I used the first time out. Well I was around it, but I never got a group tighter then 3". For some reason the trigger felt worse so some of it may have been me. I've read several post suggesting Accutips and I'll give them a try and I saw the post on the trigger pull and I'm going to try that as well and see if they improves my groups. But, for this kind of money, I guess I was hoping for a little better.


The other problems is that after a few sets of three round groups, the second shell started to jam. It was aways the second round and each of the spent shell casings were dented where it was pinched at the top window of the ejector window.


There are enough post in here to make me think that I am not the only one having these problems. I called CS and they claim it needed to cleaned. I clean my guns as soon as I get home and before I put them away.


I have never owned a auto loader before. What am I doing wrong? The scope is a Nikon Monarch 2X7 and is tight. The weather was chilly 35 degrees, but no wind. I had my father-in-law shooting the exact same groups, so it wasn't all me. I usually shoot very well.


Any suggestions?

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With regards to the change of POI (Point of Impact):

See the posts here regarding the old and new types of barrel retaining nuts. The old (indexed type) can work itself loose under firing and temp. changes. The new (spring-loaded) cap seems to fix this problem effectively.


If you have the original cap, try tightening it down another click or two past the index marks.

Mine was three clicks past index after just a couple of boxes of ammo.

CS should send you a new type upon request at no charge. Just give them your serial number.


Depending on the ambient temperature when you first shot gun, it's possible that the load will shoot slightly hotter when the air, and therefore the cartridge, is warmer, but the variance should not be 9".


Addressing the ejection problems, be sure to remove the gas piston tube from the cylinder plunger pin as shown in this discussion, which also covers the two barrel nut types.


Make sure that the carbon fouling is removed and that the parts are lightly oiled before re-assembly.


Generally, use a quality cleaner and a quality light oil on all working parts. Never leave it dripping with oil.

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I do have the spring on mine and that doesn't seem to loosen. I did get the plunger off and there was some build up under there and I cleaned it up. Hopefully that's all that it is. I actually misread the earlier post and removed the O rings. If you pinch the side of the rings, it will bump one end up, and then just roll it off. These R1 are easy to work on, but I am always worried that I'll loose some of these little parts.


The trigger work is done and, although I need to try it on the range, it seems much better. I was careful and I don't need to add any steel back on. The rocker from the safety catch seems a little over complicated to me. I wish there was something that could be done with that travel.


What about the ammo? I've had exellent luck with these Federal Premiums, and some good groups early with this gun. Could the fowled plug cause the eratic groups? Are the Remington's the way to go?


Thanks for the feed back tucker301. I saw the X-rays on another post. You'll be like a new man when you come out of that.


All the best.

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The only fouling that would affect accuracy would be in the barrel, but hopefully it will cycle correctly now. Never had a problem with mine, so I'm not sure.


Mine likes the Remington Accutip 150's.

I tried Win., Federal, and PMC with less than favorable results.


Agree on the trigger travel, and the safety mech. Too many things adding undue pull weight in there.


Thanks for the encouraging words.

I just want it to be over so I can start counting days in a more positive way.

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Unfortunately, I haven't shot it again since cleaning it. (Work is getting in the way) But, I can certainly see why cleaning under the plunger was the problem. It was pretty "gooped up". I thought I had been cleaning the thing pretty good, but I didn't know about taking that plunger off. Hopefully that's it. Hunting season starts here next week and I'll try it again before I go and let you know. If it doesn't work, I'm back to the old bolt action.

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