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Ammo sale FYI!


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Hey guys,


Just back from a week of intense Army training. Much fun, seriously improved my markamanship thru lots and lots of shooting and evaluation. I think I got it that in order to become a good shooter you gotta go out and shoot. That's expensive for some of us I know. The rounds for my 300 win mag R1 average $1-1.50 apiece!


To that end I found out that Bass Pro shops is having a 61% off several varities and calibre's of Federal Premiium ammo. Every box is $12.49 regardless of regular price. I just ordered 10 boxes of 300 WinMag Nosler partion 180 grain. More than half off. I do not know how long they'll have the sale but get there and get some so you cn go out and get good with your rifle.


Here's the link:



Hope this is useful for some of you!



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Thanks for the info about the Hornady's and the web link! That's a nice grouping in the center.


I do need to mention that you are off about the v-shocks. Not all v-shock are High Energy -- In fact the rounds I ordered are not HE. Here's the link to the Federal website regarding 300 WM v-shock nosler partitions. It clearly shows them availible in non-HE and HE. You're right though, people need to double check and make sure they are not HE.




Let me know if you find me to be inaccurate about the Federal info.



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I have a box in my hands. It just arrived from back order on the 10/12. This one says "300 WIN. MAG. 180 GRAIN NOSLER PARTITION P300WD2". It says nothing about High Energy which is clearly indicated on the HE box. Some of the v-shocks are high energy, just not the ones I ordered.


It is a nice round. Nickle palted case, flattened lead tip nose. Should more than do the trick for shooting practice.


BTW, my new order of 10 boxes is on back order also :( But cheap, cheap, cheap at the price.



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