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just bought 300 win R1 comfortech


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Hi everyone,I have been viewing these forums for the last few weeks until my rifle came in yesterday :D :D . Now my question, I am leaningtoward the Leupold Mark 4 M1 3.5 x 10 40mm scope with the new illuminated TMR.,my question is will I need high mounts or can I get away with the mid mount rings?


By the way for those looking to buy one Scottsdale Gun Club , did me right and with service to match.

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Medium height rings will work fine with a 40 mm scope. With the 30 mm tube, you may be able to use low rings.

I like my scopes to be as close to the barrel as possible without touching.

About a 1/4" off the barrel is good.


As Butch indicated, this information is available on the web. In fact, Leupold has it on their site.



Additional information concerning the R1 and scope mounting:


The R1 comes with a Picatinny rail base, as you know. The rail is tapered and is marked as to which end goes towards the front.


Although a Leupold/Burris/Redfield base for a Browning BAR will fit the R1, it is not tapered and many scopes will run out of vertical adjustment before you can get them zeroed.


This will be less of an issue with your 30mm tube, due to the broader range of adjustment in the larger tube.


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