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R1 forearm Stock replacement


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New to the board so if this has been covered before, please point me in the proper direction.


I purchased an R1 in .300WM sometime back for an elk hunt that fell through. Never fired the rifle. Recently I was going to take it to the range for the first time and when cleaning it, noticed a crack on the inside of the forearm near where a small lug is glued into it. Fearing it will crack worse if I fire it, I am hesitant to use it. I would like to know if you can get a replacement from Benelli and what they cost if anyone knows. Thanks.

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Yes, you can get a replacement from Benelli.

The part should be covered under warranty.

Contact Customer Service via phone on Monday.

Have your serial number ready.

Tell them your situation and ask them to send you a replacement forearm.

Ask if they can take your credit card information and send the replacement before you send in the cracked one.

If you don't send the cracked one in 15 days, they will bill you for it.

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You may want to send them a digital photo of your buttstock so they can get a forearm with a similar wood grain pattern. Someone on here got a replacement that was very different from the original. Actually, that may have been Tucker now that I think of it. Anyway, I believe they were accomodating and replaced the replacement.


Speaking of Tucker: How's the Ticker Tucker? You good? Did they roto rotor or call the master plumber and get you new pipes? I'm telling you, it was eerie quiet around here for a week or so -- so quiet, you could even hear a firing pin drop. Glad you're back!




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Yes, it was I who had the mismatch problem last year.

My stock had cracked and CS had sent me a new one, but the grain and color were mismatched.

I waited until the season was out and sent them the forearm. They found a perfect match and sent everything back to me.


This is when I learned the Benelli CS is great to work with. You've just gotta have faith and some patience.


Foxbat, you may want to ask them about doing this as well. The digital photo idea is good, but them having your stock in hand would be better.


The ticker and I are doing very well.

I've been doing a lot of walking and I can easily go 4 miles with no problems now.

I could go farther, but I get bored.


Went for my checkup the other day and they say everything is healing as it should.

Still not supposed to shoot until Jan. 31st, but I've already shot my varmint rifle and my new Savage Striker pistol a few times.

Even been hunting a couple of times, but haven't seen anything worth pulling the trigger on.

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