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Regardless of where you start, cutting the barrel to 18" will yield the same results.

Make sure to have it cut by a skilled professional and to have it properly re-crowned, if you go through with it.

Recoil may actually be slightly lessened, because you will not achieve optimum pressures with 18" of stick.

This is assuming you're using factory loads.

If handloading, you can compensate to some degree by using faster burning powders and a little more of it.

At 18", it's going be markedly louder on the shooter end.

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Yes I know it will defineatly be louder, right now I shoot a Rem 7400 carbine, I like the shorter barrel, makes it better in the thick brush and blanket bogs of the adks. I will probably never shoot over 60 yards, and will be using a Leupold Vari X III 2.5-8. I guess the reason I want to cut it down is the same reason the Benoits cut theirs down.

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