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Benelli Customer service--resolution!


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Well I never thought this would happen after touting to others what a good company Benelli is but I am very unhappy with the customer disservice I have gotten regarding the spring cap that was to be sent to me months ago. I have the older index system cap that loosens up with age and adversely affects accuracy.


So after being told I would get a new cap, months later I never got it. Now according to Jason at customer service I will not get one unless Benelli changes its current policy. "They are only putting those on rifles that are sent in ... I have your name on a list and will let you know if anything changes."


I was promised by one of the female customer service reps (not Paula) after a lengthy conversation that I would get one when they came in. It would be mailed to me. Jason states he told me that before but all I have from him is a voice mail in response to a message I left. Keep in mind I left my message before I talked to the other rep and got his message after I talked to her.


I'm really not sure what to do here. I was promised a new cap when a new batch arrived. Now I'm told flat out "No ... send it in." If that were the case I would have sent it in months ago!!!


At this point I can not tell you how dissapointed I am. :mad:




Has this happened to anyone else?




Update: 1/19/06 They took care of me. Faith Restored! Whew, that was close.


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I asked for one when I called to have my stock replaced last month and the girl gave me the number of some parts sales company and said i'd have to buy one.


I could see if this was some cosmetic change after a few years but we are talking about an obvious change that took place because the original part is defective in design.


For the price of these rifles and the fact that they are introducing a new product in an industry where reputation and longevity are important, it would have been a good PR move to provide these to anyone who has the old design, if they make a formal request. They have the serial #'s, it's not like anyone could make fraudulent requests.


To be fair, I received my forearm replacement (original was cracked) yesterday and it was a very close match in color and grain. I am quite happy with there reponse as to that issue.

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Update: 1/19/06


I emailed customer service and they replied in 1 day saying they looked into it and though they could not verify who made the promise they would be happy to send me a new spring cap.


My faith in Benelli has been restored.





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Well, um ... whether or not they are literate with regards to these posts remains to be seen. They did however take care of my issue and were able to maintain their integrity none-the-less.


BTW, I just got back from Gander Mountain here in MI and they had an R1 .308 for like $750 if you applied all their 10% off discounts and clearance price etc. Of course it had the indexed nut vs the spring and cap. So...



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Update Final:


Monday 1/23/06 mystery box at my front door when I got home from work ... Viola! And just like that I have the part in my hands.


Just put it on and now all I have to do is wait like 3 months for it to warm up enough to go shooting at my favorite range. Anticipation...



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