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300 wsm/ 270 wsm


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Question for you guys that know guns.... had a shooter tell me that the short mags would benefit an autoloader more than the long action calibrer would. Said it should make them more accurate, all things being equal (shooter wind etc...) Since they are shorter, they should load better and the action doesn't travel as far. Any truth to this? Also in the new Benelli R1 could you interchange the barrels with the 300 wsm and the 270 wsm ? Not that I would, just curious.... Thanks..

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The lenght of the bolt will not make any difference with regards to accuracy.

The accuracy advantage of the short and super short magnums is in the the case dimensions itself.


By having the powder lying in a shorter and more compact compartment, the ignition from shot to shot is more uniform than it can be with the longer cases.


One drawback in using the WSM's in semi-autos is that, because the case is shorter and fatter, you typically can only get three in the magazine, whereby the standard length cases would allow for four rounds.

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