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Anyone deer hunting with an SBEII? How have you found the slug accuracy? I've shot Lightfield Hybreds. (quite accurate) Lightfield lights, Federal w/Barnes bullets (Okay) Remington Copper Solids (Okay) and Winchester Platinum Tips. Used the Platinum Tips to harvest 15 deer this season, but don't feel completely comfortable with them yet. Need to do a lot more work. I'm wondering how everyone else is fairing.

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Butch. I use to use the Light fields but gave them up. I felt they were very sensitive to any type of cross wind. I've since switched to the platinum tips and love them. I killed 13 deer this year my self and and think these slugs are great. My gun is so accurate with these slugs, I can almost compare it to a rifle from 0-125 yards. By the way, Are you hunting NJ like me????

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Bergen County. Even with a 3-9x Zeiss scope on my the gun, my longest shot was about 80 yards. On two occasions I let major bucks go by because they were at 96 & 115 yards. I only started slug hunting this year and didn't have a chance to perfect shooting technique nor ammunition characteristics over 100 yards. Did 99% of my work at 50 yards. Slug shooting is very similar to rifle shooting but has a few major differences that can REALLY open up group size radically. I have the SBEII at the gunsmith lowering the trigger from lawyer proof 8.5lbs to 5 lbs now. I’ll take the gun this summer and work further with Winchester Platinums and also try the Partition Golds at 100 yards. I’ve taken deer with my T/C Encore out to 147 yards and my .300 WinMag out to 312 yards, so it was just my comfort zone and self imposed limits with a new setup preventing me from reaching out. My feelings on the Lightfields taken from asking a lot of people who use them and people who shoot a LOT and have tried them is that they invariably pass right through the deer not giving up all their energy. I wasn’t crazy about the ballistics either. Personally, I have a hard time dealing with what reminds me of a salt water boat sinker being fired out of my shotgun anyway. I like to have the option of shooting pretty far out. A lot of guys swear by the Federal Barnes bullets.

Thanks for your input Joe. I'm trying to come up with the best setup for this gun ... which I really like so far.

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