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Do you guys think the R1 is the basis for the RX4? FYI, an RX4 link is attached.




I think it looks **** similar and this brings me to my question--how reliable is the R1? From what I have read, it seems very picky about ammo....


This concerns me because the RX4 will likely be CA legal and I would like to get one (although I likely won't be able to get one for a couple years at least--if at all).

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I never had a reliability issue with the one I had, but others have posted here with problems.

Of course, satisfied owners don't typically seek out forums such as these, so it would stand to reason that the numbers would be higher here.


I shot mine no more than 40 times between cleanings, with typical cleanings coming every 10 rounds or so.


I sold mine and got an AR-10 in .308.


It's a heavy beast, but it's reliable and I don't do a lot of hiking and climbing when hunting deer.


All other things being equal, if I were in the market for another lightweight semi-auto deer rifle, I'd go with the new Browning BAR in the synthetic stock.


I've had BAR's before, and having had an R1 for over a year, I'd prefer the BAR over it.

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Yes, it’s built based on the R1.

What do you mean by R1 reliability and by what criteria are you going to compare them?

Accuracy ? Range ? One has 22~24inch barrel, another just 12 inch barrel.

Cycling? R1 has 3~4 shot magazine, very sensitive to fouling and doesn’t cycle well time to time. I’ll wait to see more reviews before relying on 10 ~ 30 shot Argo system.

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Hey Garren,


Correct--by reliability I am wanting to know:


1) how well it cycles.


2) how sensitive it is to ammo (will it eat anything?).


3) How well does it shoot when dirty or hot (will it cycle after you put 200 rounds downrange)?


It seems strange that Berreta/Benelli would make an assault rifle out of a semi auto hunting rifle and I am just wondering how well the R1 cycles.

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