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choke tubes


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I just bought a Benelli Nova 3.5" pump for hunting ducks and geese. The biggest reason I bought this gun is to be able to shoot geese with 31/2" steel shot.

The choke I am most likely to use for this is the full choke, which indicates it is not to be used for steel shot!

Can I shoot steel shot thru this full choke tube?

Does Benelli make a full choke tube compatible with this model that shoots steel shot?

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I have hunted ducks and geese for several years with a variety of guns and have never used a full choke with steel. I've found you never need to go more than modified to get a really tight pattern. Most of my hunting is done with Improved cylinder and I don't go to modified till late in the season and sometimes I just staywith I.C. especially with high velocity steel (2,bb,bbb) I would think that if you did find a full choke for steel (most chokes list modified (lead)=full (steel)) it would just blow your pattern.

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