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how long into the year do you all waterfowl hunt?

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how long into the year do you all waterfowl hunt? I hunt as long as the seasons let me. Im just curious how long other people like to hunt waterfowl. It becomes noticibley more dificult to hunt the waterfowl in the late season due to water freezing and such. Ducks seem to become more shy to your calling. What do you guys think?

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I try to get out as much as time allows me to between my upland hunting. The late season action where I am is a bit tough at times cause most birds in my area have been 'conditioned' - called/decoyed/shot at. At the same time we'll generally have fewer hunters on public areas than you'll see in the beggining of the season which makes 'working' them less of a chore. It's a crap shoot either way you look at it. Depends on the migration patterns too so scouting an area before hunting it is our first order of business and a fun one.


Always fun when you can talk the birds into the deeks tho!!


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you guys hunting up north have it easy compared to us down south. are season opens in mid november but are hunting isnt at its peak till about mid december and gets better as the season goes. down here we get the birds yall have shot at so they are very call shy and decoy shy. we dont get are good hunts till january mostly. but one advantage we have is we get full plumage birds. tongue.gif

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I hunt as much as the season will let me. The early season is great but like you said the later season gets a little chilly and the birds are very shy. Here i have seen that as they start to get shy they mostly fly for a little bit in the mourning and by mid day they are in the deep water all puddled up. But i guees that is just all part of why hunting is a sport!!! Here in northern ID the birds seem to find a spot and stay there so its pretty easy to pick a good spot..

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