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Mid-Atlantic Heat Wave!


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Just returned from wasting two miserable days on VA's Eastern Shore TRYING to waterfowl hunt.

Temps at night plummeted into the upper 40's, while daytime highs reached 70 or better.

Christ! We've been dealing with this crap for over 10 days now, and there;s very little relief in sight.


Day 1 - Early setup on a duck pond yields one long shot on a greenhead. Four people missed him clean. Mid-morning to sunset was spent in a goose pit watching 20,000 Canadas go from the bay side to the ocean side without stopping to feed anywhere.


Day2 - Early setup on another duck pond. Passed up a dandy shot on a woodcock and heard, for the first time in my entire life, a turkey gobbling in early January. He responded to a goose call repeatedly and even double-gobbled once.... What's wrong with this picture?!

After first light, we moved to a pit in a field where snow geese had been using all week. We watched 40,000 snows fly over us and land around a protected pond a half mile away.

Mid-afternoon we moved to a blind on a tidal marsh creek and finally got some shooting....

ONE hooded merganser.


For those who are keeping score, that's a $900 hooded merganser.


God, if you're listening, please fix this weather!!


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They say that the bulk of that really good stuff isn't going to make it here, but we did get a marked improvement in conditions here.

Swamps and ponds should freeze up by Wednesday of next week, and that should drive them back to our blinds.

I'll pass on that -28 stuff!

Highs in the mid twenties to 30 is good for me.

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