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SBE II 4th shell


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In Illinois it is legal to hunt snow geese with the plug out of your gun. The plug looks like it might be a bear to take out of the SBE II so I wondered if a 4th shell could be floated.


We can discuss going over the limit and shooting lead if you like. I'm unfamiliar with double dipping. Is it some type of insurance scam where the insured collects from two different companies for the same accident, or is it the special at Dairy Queen?

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The rule is actually Federal, not state, and only applies to the conservation snow goose hunting season that is authorized by the Feds, but I can understand the desire to float a shell for spring snows.


An extended magazine tube would give you more shells though - they come in 2-shot & 4-shot & the kit includes a longer spring.


I think the floating option was changed in around 1999-2000. You can fill the groove with JB weld and polish out or have a welder plug the groove.


If you get caught floating a shell and you have modified your Benelli, you will likely lose it to the warden, they read these sites daily and know all the tricks.


And yes, double dipping is all about ice cream....


mudhen - CA

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The plug is easily removed from the SBEII.

Plus floating one makes it 6. That's at least two snows on the ground :cool:


PM me if you need more detailed instructions on how to do the mod., but muckhen's right. Busted is busted, and I hear GW's and judges love to get their hands on fine Italian firearms.

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Ok, tuckersmedicatedpads, it's on brother....


I know of 3-4 wardens that shoot SBE's in the field, they know most guns inside & out, I garrontee you that if they hear you shoot 4 shells, and they find JB weld on the bolt, you will lose your SBE.


It's not worth it to me to maybe lose the gun...


muckhen - CA

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