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Opening day


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Well, I went out on our opening day for Waterfowl. Screwed up my alarm so I didn't get out before first light, but went to an area that I still found ducks in.


I could have taken three or four throughout the morning, but I had one major problem. No way to retrieve them. I hadn't went out and bought any waders yet, and I wasn't wanting to trust Uli to retrieve them just yet as that isn't his strong point at the moment.


Had a good time being out in the woods for a few hours, but didn't get anything. Will have to go and give it another try.



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sdkidaho, where in idaho were you hunting? we went up to just above blackfoot for the opener and had a heck of a shoot. only managed one honker, but between the 4 of us we took close to 40 mallards in the grain field that we hunted.


let me know where you are and maybe one of these weekends we can hook up?

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the more you waterfowl hunt the more you will realize that we are all novices, just when you think you have the birds figured out! they totally throw you a loop and confuse the heck out of you.


keep after it and you will soon get the feathered fever that takes over us all this time of year.


i took a guy out this last weekend here in utah, got him his first goose, he got home and headed to sportsmans warehouse, bought himself a groundblind. He's hooked, so make sure you want something to totally take over your dreams and thoughts during the day before you really get into the marsh madness.


i'll let you know if we have someone that can't go the next time we are up there, maybe i can help you get your first bird!

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