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Extended CrioChoke Tubes


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I have not, and I doubt many, if any, have had the chance to test them yet.


They are new for 2006.


A similar set of tubes was shown in the 2005 catalog, but never available in 2005. The 2005 catalog didn't even show the right style of tube.


The 2006 tubes are made by Trulock and my dealer says they are not available to him yet.


I would think you would have to special order them from a Benelli dealer.


With so many other tubes available, my dealer said he will likely not stock them.


You could call Trulock and order the tubes today, www.trulockchokes.com many say they are a great company to deal with.


mudhen - CA

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Mudhen, I recieved the chokes this morning, they measure .710 for decoying and .700 for passing. I measured the factory chokes and came up with these measurments Cyl .730, Imp Cyl .720, Mod .710, Imp Mod .690, and Full .680, I measured the outside diameter with a pair of calipers and subtracted the wall thickness. Based on the measurements I really didn't need these tubes. I will pattern the shotgun and find out for sure. They do say trulock right on them. I will call trulock and talk to them monday, and possibly order a couple of their super waterfowl chokes. My question is this, is the cylinder tube going to mimic the actual barrel id? If not can you possibly tell me what it is? I have read several of yours and tuckers post, and trust you two. I have learned alot from you and him. I do get a big kick out of Tucker as well, he can be rough around the edges, which I like.

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Your ID can vary greatly depending on the condition of the bore tool when your barrel was made.


They generally run .718-.722, but I've heard of ID's larger than .722.


I guess the only way to know for sure is send the barrel somewhere and have it mic'ed and then have custom chokes made.


I think Briley may offer this service.


As for me, I don't have the desire to get that precise, so I'll stick with what I have. I did have to buy a few chokes to find what worked though.


mudhen - CA

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I'm going to guess the Superwaterfowl Trulock is some sort of specialized choke tube for large non-toxic shot. Sounds like a spring snow goose choke to me.


Trulocks normally run $39-$49. The Benelli Trulocks are around $70 at full retail.


.050 ends up being a .670 or so, and this is tighter than their turkey chokes. A regular .670 shot with BBB's can bulge and damage the choke tube and barrel.


Terror Tubes has had some problems with BBB's and .655's bulging.


Just a guess, anyone who cares can call George...


mudhen - CA

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I tested them this morning, worked really well with Kent Fasteel 3" #2's and #4's 1 1/8-oz loads, they were better with the #4's, but only slightly. They worked fairly well with 2 3/4" 1 1/16-oz and 3 1/2" 1 3/8-oz, but the 3" was tops. I also tried Kent's Tungsten Matrix in 3" #3's and #5's 1 1/4-oz loaded at 1525 fps, also a solid performer, with results similar to Kent's Fasteel 3". The patterns were fairly solid with an average of one hole around "5 in long and maybe 3" wide. I tried several different Trulock tubes, I have 7, from cylinder to full plus the 2 Benelli Waterfowl tubes (which are the Trulock Precision Hunter tubes with Benelli's name on them, buy the version from Trulock, much cheaper!), non- ported. I have enough data to know what tube to use for what situation and purchased 2 cases of 3” 2's and 4's 1 1/8 oz loaded at 1560fps. I have also purchased several slower velocity Fasteel loads to try them out, based on Mr. Trulock's recommendation, and wanted to see what the slower loads did for my pattern. If your going to buy the tubes I highly recommend calling Trulock, I spoke to George Trulock himself for over 40 minutes and he provided me with a ton of info, and he is truly a really nice guy, He earned my business for life! I will also be purchasing the .030" and .040" constriction superwaterfowl choke tubes and give them a whirl as well.

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