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  1. Ever hunted there before? I have hunted SE and due South of Stuttgart, and the hunting was steady, nothing spectacular. I was there over Christmas and had some really good hunts, just wish the locals were a little friendlier.
  2. My expirience is the same as Tuckers, nothing but flawless going on 4 years now.
  3. http://www.basspro.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product_10151_-1_10001_56326____SearchResults $59.99 at Bass Pro, you need the Beretta/Benelli model
  4. Tucker your post at Shotgun World reads $100 FTF, just a heads up
  5. That is the recoil spring plunger, yours should look like this: I have several of these I removed, I replace all of mine with Sure Cycles, not because of potential problems, because I wanted to.
  6. Are you talking about this: If so, take the butt stock off and clean the action/recoil spring tube, and thoroughly inspect the gun.
  7. Are you talking about the recoil spring plunger? If so, I have never seen one or hear of one doing it, it is supposed to be 100% stainless steel.
  8. Screw the cap off and gently work the retainer out , be careful the spring will surprise you, and clean it like you would the barrel, except don't use a brush, just a swab or a piece of a towel pushed thru several times with some cleaner on it, the a light coat of oil and a dry swab, reassemble and your done. It's nothing to be afraid of, once you do it and see how easy it is you'll do every time. I use both the Synthetic based cleaner and oil, and I have never had a problem, no matter how cold, how wet or how long I am out, no FTFs.
  9. There is no gas system, it is an inertia driven system. What area are you calling the "tube"? If your talking about the action spring "tube", you paid $1300+ for the gun, it takes mere minutes to break it all the way down to a sum of its parts and thoroughly clean. I don't understand why some people won't do a thorough cleaning after every use, but then again, these are the same people who complain when they have a FTF. I have had one FTF and it was my own fault. I let my SBE II rest on a blind brushed with palm grass, and a piece of it broke off and got down in the trigger
  10. They can make a huge difference, the parallel section is longer, the quality can be leaps and bounds above the factory. They did make a huge difference in several of my guns.
  11. I would first suggest you pattern the shells you plan to use with the factory tube, and if you don't get the desired results at the pattern board, then buy a aftermarket choke tube. Some good choices are: The Primos Dead Zone 2 pk, you get a decoy and a passing tube for about $60 shipped I really like Trulocks, I have a complete set, but I rarely use anything beyond a IC or Skeet2, basically a decoy and passing tube. Cabela's Steel and Hevi-Shot tubes are $30 a piece, they are made by Carlson's Choke Tubes for Cabela's, and they have them in several constrictions. I ha
  12. I put one in every new gun I buy, I guess each his own. The only thing stainless about the new inertia action system in the Benelli is the plunger and spring, and I am not 100% sure the spring is stainless. I also throw the mag kit in as well.
  13. I have both and like both, but the more open trigger guard of The SBE II is nice, it is also a lot easier to clean, 2 piece receiver. That said, I shoot nothing but 2 3/4" out of both, but the option of having a 3 1/2" shell is nice, more possibilities/options if you happen to be out of town and shells get lost, forgotten, or stolen.
  14. It sounds as if your gun is like mine, it doesn't like the factory fast stuff. The best factory load in mine is the Kent Fasteel 3" 1 1/4 oz at 1425 and the 2 3/4" 1 1/8 oz at 1425, with the edge in uniformity going to the 1 1/8 oz load.
  15. What fps are the loads you tried, what fps are the ones that work? Out of my SBE II and M2, I cannot get acceptable patterns out of anything faster than 1500 fps, unless I hand load them, and then they are finicky to get to pattern. My guns like factory steel loads at 1425 fps, and my best patterning steel load is Lightning Steel Load #2 at 1573 fps We need just a tad more info.
  16. #6's Wingmaster HD 3" 1 1/8oz, The 7 1/2's were the old Remington Loaded Hevi-Shot 2 3/4" 1oz
  17. Here is a 20 ga pattern of #6's at 40 yds: and here is another 20 ga load of 7 1/2's at 40 yds:
  18. Remington Wingmaster Heavy Density RW12S6, 12 Gauge, 2 3/4", 1 1/4 oz, 1325 fps, #6 Tungsten Shot, 10 Rd/bx $26.47 Then factor in the $15 and you have a $12 box of Wingmaster HD and the stuff is amazing
  19. Why not shoot a couple of each shell thru each of the Steel Ok chokes at the distance you will be hunting, and that will tell you more than anything, not every Benelli comes from the factory with the same bore diameter, while they vary only a few thousandths, the same choke I use for my gun may not give the same results for your gun. I have 2 M2 20gas and both pattern different, even using the same chokes. One patterns flawlessly with factory chokes, the other took a set of after market chokes to get the desired patterns I wanted. Patterning will also tell you if your gun likes the p
  20. What are you using to clean it? Have you taken the butt stock off and cleaned the action spring assembly?
  21. I am well aware of duck hunting, since we both live in Fort Worth, maybe you should drop by and I'll show you how good duck can be, and you last reaction will be "liver on the wing". I was actually referencing your slip on Quakers and not Quackers
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