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  1. I hunted out there about this time last year. I was a little disappointed in the number of ducks, but we did have a couple of good mornings. Mostly mallards with a few pintails, gadwall, teal and woodies. I have been thinking maybe it's a little late in the season, but the group I go out there with haven't been able to get all our schedules together for an earlier hunt. I do enjoy hunting the green timber though!
  2. I'm heading out to Arkansas tomorrow, east of Stuttgart. Anybody hunted the general area in the past week or so? Hoping for some good numbers!
  3. Link to Vinci press release: http://media.benelliusa.com/assets/press/archive/Vinci.pdf Sounds like it will be a semi-auto.
  4. I use Outdoor Connection Q/R™ Talon Swivels, $10 at Cabelas.
  5. Danner Rain Forest 8" uninsulated
  6. Sept 6 in Georgia, 15 bird limit. We may be dealing with a hurricane on opening day. Good luck to all!
  7. They come to our calls in GA too. The yote population is exploding here.
  8. Congrats on limiting out! Like Tucker said, show us some pics if you got em!
  9. Nice bird, great hooks and I really like that second picture. Nicely done.
  10. GW

    Mouth Calls

    I have been using a Tom Teasers Hoochie Hen this season and here is my 2 cents: The call sounds great and is easy to run, it doesn't take alot of air to operate. Great on the basics - cluck, yelp and cut. A little too raspy for me to get a good purr out of, but it is a great dominant hen yelper. Plus you can do a pretty decent job with soft calling on this thing. The real down side is longevity. I have worn this thing out in about 5 weeks. Don't know if that is typical or not, but just my experience. On a side note, the problem I have found with mass produced calls is they t
  11. Congratulations on a great weekend!
  12. Bartman- I've got some turkey ringtones. They are mp3's. They are made from actual recordings so there is some background noise - just natural woods sounds, birds chirping etc.. Would you like me to email you a couple?
  13. Congrats, on a nice bird! Bet you are hooked now!
  14. I run a Woodhaven Walnut Classic Slate and lately have been using a Tom Teasers Hoochie Hen 3.5 v-cut mouth call.
  15. Bartman...congrats! There's nothing like that first bird! Nice picture, too. How do you like that vest? Those are nice.
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