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snow gooser

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just tellin ya how it went. the surgery sucked but im alive and well. my dad had to return the 1100 for bills and im outa shells those are the two worst. the hunt was the coolest thing in my life we got around 40 ducks and i got a banded goose i was happy bout that but other wise the trip was kinda depressing. i thought the whole time that could be my last hunt!!!!!! but it wont be

p.s skido or however you spell it and tucker thanks for the thoughts

talk to you later

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Glad to hear from you.

And CONGRATS on the banded goose!


As luck would have it, today (31st) is the one year anniversary of me having a bit of surgery as well.

Nothing as serious as yours... they just cracked open my chest, fixed some plugged up arteries, and superglued me back together :D


I also wondered if I'd ever feel up to hunting again, but it's amazing how quickly (looking back on it anyway) the time passes and you're feeling stronger and more eager to get out do stuff.


You're welcome on the thoughts.


I sent a PM as well.

I could still use the information.


Keep us updated, snow gooser.


Be well.

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Great to hear from you, man!


Very cool about your hunting trip and your banded goose. That sounds like an excellent trip. Sounds like you got in plenty of shooting as well - very cool. I've shot three ducks since the season opened and I thought I was doing great, but that's nothing compared to the 40 you and your dad got! :D


I dreamt about getting a banded mallard, does that count? :D


Keep us updated man - glad to hear from you!




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