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I like to use diaphragm specially for those last few yards to cut down on movement. I use HS STRUT. The Mag Split V IV is my favorite but the Raspy Old Hen and Viper are my next favorite. Slate wise I like the the H.S. Triple Glass. I probably use that the most. Use different Pegs to help make different pitch and volume sounds. I also have a Quaker Boy Box Call. I rarely use it but its been great to fire up toms that are hen up. Making a jake gobble really gets to them. The type of wood that the box call is made out of makes a differents. I also have to say that Primos 4n1 hoot flute is great when it comes to locating birds in the morning. You really got to find what works best for you and what calls the birds like in your area. They might like it one day and not the next. Sometimes you just got to try everything you have. GOOD LUCK.

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Here are the calls I have and use. Primos Prospector box call, Primos Power crystal slate, tone though raspy old hen diaphram and one more tone though that is pretty darn raspy, H.S. Strut Raspy young hen, and two more H.S. diaphram. I have a wood stricker and a corbon one. I also have a hoot tube but where I hunt I don't think there is that kind of owls. It might still work I'm not sure. I would like to get a quieter slate. And of course sand paper for the slate. And of course I have a crow call. I just bought an aluminum slate that is quieter than my primos, two mouth calls and a box call holster. smile.gif



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I only use Kaiser calls now when I hunt I need the best sounding call when I hunt Turkeys and IMO that is the calls that Andy Kaiser makes me.


Well I have a few calls myself

2 kaiser double sided glass calls

2 kaiser double sided glass on top slate on bottom

1 kaiser single sided slate call

1 Blodgett double trouble Glass over Glass

1 Cody 2 slate call

1 Lynch's world champion box call (Somewhere)

1 Tim Sandford Box call

1 Tim Sandford Long Box

9 or 10 strikers (purpleheart) my favorite on glass

8 H.S Strut diaphram calls

1 primos diaphram (limbhanger) I think

1 A-way turkey trooper 2000 push button

1 H&S Strut Hoot tube



Note: I gave away one blodgett double trouble 2 away and another Blodgett collector series call too.

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I have a great set-up but this is obviously my opinion.

I have the new Primos Gobbler Vest and it is loaded with Primos Lil' Heartbreaker Single Side Box. Primos Wing in the game pouch, Primos Power Crow, Primos Freak w/ Frictionite slate style call and Primos Power Crystal salte style call.

I have a few mouth calls of differnet makes but prefer a great friction call. when the Freak was introduced last year it was a god send to be able to have a friction call I could use for the last few yards with minimal movement.

I do a great job with the mouth calls while at home in the camp or driving down the road. But when I get to actually hunting I always get to excited to operate the mouth calls, I get dry mouth and breathing gets to o fast.

NOTHING like a big Tom.

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