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Considering purchase- Nova vs. 835


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I need to do a little homework before I buy. Both the Nova and the Mossberg 835 fit me, they both feel good, swing good, all that stuff. I've heard and read that the Nova tends to rattle a little or a lot up front. Anyone here have that? Also, I've read that the customer service is sorta sub par (no offense). My main usage will be turkey and deer, with a little pheasant and wild hog thrown into the mix. Any help, advice, words of wisdom would be great. I only have 8 weeks till turkey time.


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I've owned 835s. They're reliable, but always seemed to pattern low....12" at 35 yards. I was able to "cure" this problem by adding a cheek pad on the stock.


However, I now own a Nova and wouldn't trade it for an 835. My Nova has a smoother pumping stroke, is easier to disassemble for cleaning and cost less.


The rattling forarm is the least of my concerns. If it is a concern for anyone, then take the forarm off and use some rubber cement (Shoe Goo works well) on a thin piece of felt (cut to fit the inside of the forarm) and press it into the forarm until it dries. The rubber cement will adhere to both the felt and the interior of the forarm, making a formed fit. If there is any excess, just trim it off with a razor knife, reinstall the forarm and make sure you get the allen screws snug. ;)


This will eliminate any rattling and it won't interfere with the slide action of the pump.


Good hunting, Bowhunter57

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