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Luck And Turkeys

Benelli Southpaw

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Well, i just wanted to share my misery with you guys. I didn't get a chance to go opening morning, but I got to go Sunday. Me and one of my buddies hit up this small field right off the edge of a small pond, where we had been seeing some action. Well after a little bit of calling, we had only heard one gobble and it was a ways away, (and then we heard it get shot), so we moved on.

We went to a clear cut and as soon as we got out to the truck we had a tom gobbling his head off about 200 yrds away. We cut the distance a little bit and sent up, and he started coming in closer, still hot as fire. After about three minutes of this, i heard the worst coyote/fox howling/whinning i've ever heard right between us and the tom, and sure enough, we listening as the tom made a B-line directly away... :(

Now isn't that a wonderful way to start off the hunting season!

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Feel your pain-the reason it's called hunting and not shooting ... makes for a bit of frustration tho. A few years ago I headed out for spring gobblers and set up in a 'gimmie' spot only to have the birds (around 30+) on the nieghboring 40 acre parcel just off the edge of my land. the woods opened up too much and came down a hill to the field where they were so that day was a scratch .. had a good time seeing the birds tho ..


next time!

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