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Kansas Turkey Hunt on Private land


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Where are you from? Have you ever been to South eastern Kansas? We have hills and timber! Most people think all of Kansas is flat and has no trees. There are not as many trees in the Western Portion of the state but we live in the Southeast.

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I know. I was just having some fun.

Besides, I wanted to see if you were a pass-thru spammer or a real member.


I guess time will tell if you came here to promote the business or if you came to participate.


So, what are the rates?

What's provided?

What are the license fees for non-residents?


Let's do it here so everyone can get the information at once, and save on their phone bills.

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Non-Resident Hunt license-$72.15

Non Resident Permit max of 2 tags -1st $32.15

2nd tag $22.15

Youth/Handicapped season April 7-9

Regular Season is April 12-May 31st


I am a land owner and feed my game year round.My father and I have 35 years of turkey hunting experience combinded and have had a 100% success rate every year. We will assist you in calling and choosing the largest bird in the group, however you can shoot any Tom you want! I am only looking for a few serious hunters who want a chance to take a Trophy Tom.This is first come first serve basis.It's not a 3 or a 5 day hunt. We go until we get you a shot at a Tom! We have already constructed natural ground blinds that are handicap accessible and will work for Archery hunters too.

We do not provide lodging but we can make arrangements for lodging and Taxidermy. We will provide refreshments and a lunch if needed.


$1000 per bird per hunter (max of 2 hunters)

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