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Black Hills


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Anyone ever hunted them there Black Hills in SD for turkey? I'm thinking about a turkey hunting/trout fishing expedition next spring. A reputable outfitter on the net offers maps with a bunch of "guaranteed to see turkeys" spots marked off and a few other things for $250. I was wondering is it was worth it, since I've never been there before and will be driving 17 hours, or are there so many birds you can crawl out of your tent and pull the trigger? I can't really see it being a loss either way. Plus I might get to swing through Deadwood and drop $7 at the Gem ;)

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my hunting buddy and i tagged our first merriams toms the first weekend in may. we hunted exclusively in the national forest land and didn't have any trouble seeing, hearing or working turkeys. i'd say the $250 is unnecessary. there's over a million acres to hunt and most of it has logging roads you can drive or hike to strike a gobbler. they seem to gobble all day long. i shot mine at 5 pm and my friend got his at noon. i'm definitely going back again and will probably try to do a wyoming/sd combo hunt.

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pretty much between nemo and sturgis and west toward Deadwood. just got out early and set up on logging roads and listened for gobblers and the chase was on.....all day long. fyi, they really preferred a higher pitched slate call. they wouldn't answer my box call or raspy mouth calls but they hammered my freak slate call.

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