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  1. pheasants, quail, sharptails, chukars, huns, ducks, geese, TURKEYS, coyotes, trap and sporting clays
  2. i agree with 147 grain as to the nova pump. if you're going to use the gun for upland, waterfowl and deer you need to have something that's durable and you're not afraid to stick it in the mud. forget how it looks. i grew up hunting pheasants, grouse, and partridge in the heat and ducks and geese in the snow and sleet. i shot an 870 up until a year ago when i bought a nova. now i use the nova for everything cuz i can beat the **** out of it and not worry if i'm going to scratch it. it comes down to how the gun fits you and how hard you're going to use it. i've resisted the urge for a fa
  3. pretty much between nemo and sturgis and west toward Deadwood. just got out early and set up on logging roads and listened for gobblers and the chase was on.....all day long. fyi, they really preferred a higher pitched slate call. they wouldn't answer my box call or raspy mouth calls but they hammered my freak slate call.
  4. my hunting buddy and i tagged our first merriams toms the first weekend in may. we hunted exclusively in the national forest land and didn't have any trouble seeing, hearing or working turkeys. i'd say the $250 is unnecessary. there's over a million acres to hunt and most of it has logging roads you can drive or hike to strike a gobbler. they seem to gobble all day long. i shot mine at 5 pm and my friend got his at noon. i'm definitely going back again and will probably try to do a wyoming/sd combo hunt.
  5. I love my nova. i've killed 4 gobblers this spring with it at ranges from 21 yards to 50 yards. i've got a Tightwad choke in it and shoot winchester 3" #6's. i've patterned it to 40 yards with 20+ pellets in the neck and head. it comes down to how a gun shoulders and feels to you. took a while to get used to the thicker grip compared to and 870. there's my two cents.
  6. wow....pretty sad. that's the definition of the difference between "hunting" and "shooting". i've got a 9 year old who is really into hunting but i'd have a hard time explaining something like that to him.
  7. here's my season thanks to my nova. top bird was 23#, 10.25" beard and 1" spurs
  8. i shot a fall gobbler with my nova (26" barrel) and a tight wad choke by primos....distance was 44 yards and i used a federal 3 1/2" #6 magshok. don't like to shoot that far but nice to know it will reach that far.
  9. my dad won an 870 super mag in a raffle. he tried using 3 1/2" loads and it would not feed the shells. the action took a huge gouge of plastic out of every shell. i've never had any problem running 3 1/2" through my nova. i own 2 870's and love them and my nova. however, remington had to replace one of my barrels when it mysteriously started to develop bubbles in 2 spots. makes me wonder. advantage: nova......otherwise there is a big difference in how each gun feels (grip, sight line, etc)
  10. I have a nova with a 26" barrel and i just shot a nice fall gobbler on saturday, my first turkey with my nova. I used an inexpensive 'tightwad' choke made by primos. its a ported turkey choke with a .655 constriction. here's why i'm sold: i pasted the tom at 45 paces! way longer than i like to shoot but it's good to know it can reach out that far. the choke only cost around $20 but i'm not changing until this one lets me down. hope that helps and good luck.
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