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time in the woods


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yea, there's a preferance points system here in WI for Bear that requires you to send in applications between 5 and 9 years (depending on the zone) until you earn enough preference points to have a chance ... and if you're picked you better go because after your eligability/year/season expires ... you're points go back to 0 and you start all over again. 57,000 applications for 4,700 tags last year.


I've never applied and don't wish to I guess but, a cousin of mine here laid claim to the third largest in the state last fall it was over 500#. Said it was pretty simple hunting and the biggest thrill he got out of it was getting it registered and to the taxidermist to have it scored.


Just hope the deer stick around like they have been .. seen a few Bucks in velvet along the road but nothing in the woods ....just hope their there when season opens!


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Birddog, besides Bear I also get Elk on the property, in fact I usually see more Elk than deer during deer season. Saw three bulls opening day last year, one dandy 6x6. Elk licence 40000 applicants 250 tags and only 30% bull, pull a bull tag your done forever, pull a cow sit out 10 years, no preference system yet. I was wondering what digital camera you would recommend. My wife and I starting to look and we are going to buy both a digital camera and digital camcorder. We heard that the digital camcorder's only take soso snapshots. Thanks.

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WOW!!! I'd love to see Elk out in the land I hunt!! You are truely blessed!! Are you sending applications in? For that, I would!! Best meat on earth, in my opinion, is from a cow Elk ...a bull is second.


Well shell ... I'm not the the best tech-gadget person to ask but, seeing as I just went through the whole ordeal with buying one I found that the best for my money was the Kodak EasyShare DX6490 (HAS CAMCORD ABILITY!!) . My deciding factors where: quality, ease-of-use, abilities and features, and last but not least price ... retail somewhere @ $350 at Best Buy.


- 4.0 MegaPixel resolution

- 10X Optical Zoom, 3.0 Advanced Digital Zoom (30X total Zoom)

- blah,blah,blah.....


The list goes on and on as far as features go and I've yet to learn how to utilize them all but, for what I wanted it for and use it for ... I'm pleased as a lark with it! If you want more info or an explanation of all the tech jargon I can help (a bit) explain things in laymans terms ... I was boggled until someone helped me understand what each # this and that # that meant. Actually, the salesman(kid) was very helpful too.


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shell waster - pictures of the Elk would be good to see. Might even motivate me to take up a old high school friend on an invite to NM. He's been guiding muzzle loader hunts for close to 10yrs. and I've yet to make it down there except for his wedding.


No prob with the camera advice. Look into the kodak.

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