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wheel gun test


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well i finaly got to test the wheel gun out. i tryed to post this on the board last week but for some reason big brother decided to remove it tongue.gif . so here it go's again. we got to go to a farm and realy let some lead fly. my self and 2 other good marksmen were shooting a 6x6" (or so) steel plate at 100yd off hand with factory 158 grain .357 loads with relitive consistancy that aint to shabby in my book. (i also taught a couple of hostle looking 2lt coke bottles not to mess with me) as a matter of fact i was quite shocked when i started hitting it after only about 4 shots and the first 4 were on the 3'x5' paper backing. ive never had the oppertunity to shoot hand guns at any thing other than paper at that distence its so satisfieing to hear that "ting!" i evan did it with the ol' trusty GLOCK 19 a couple of times. at 25-30 yrds we were dead on almost every shot takeing into consideration that we were shooting about 10 differnt hand guns with 5 differnt calibers. we had a real blast :D . part of the trip was also to scout out some places to go deer hunting. any body have some suggestions about a good .357 deer load. im thinking about going with a cor-bon 180 grain bcsp but i've also conciderd somthing more like a winchester golden saber in 165 grain. i mostlikely will be shooting in the 20-40 yd range more closer to 20. the woods are fairly dense on the farm. i would love to drop the sucker where he stands but im not against a little tracking. as a back up im going to take my winchester 94 in .32 win spec. i know that will drop a black bear in that range so a deer isnt a problem i got to shoot that also it shure has a nice pop and punch. we were spinning an eight inch diamater 1/2 inch thick mettal plate like a toy at 50yd till a ricochet hit my buddy in the gut than bounced on to another innocent bystander :rolleyes: (rember kiddies always ware your safty glasses) also got to shoot an ak 74 that was blasting perfect 3/8 holes threw the 1/2 diamond plate its chamberd in 5.54 it s funny looking bullet but boy do it make a nice hole sparks and all :D

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