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12Ga Nova for Boar


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I just bought a 12Ga Nova Camo w/ a full choke, modificed, and improved. I bought it for spring turkey but I'm going for boar in March.


Which choke can I use for rifled slug for boar?


Will using slugs hurt this gun?


I really like this gun and I don't want to mess it up at all but my only other gun for boar would be a remington 20ga and I'm afraid that won't be enough for a big 400lb animal.


Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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I was told today that using rifled slugs in my Nova w/ an IC was not good for the barrel. Is this true? Is there anything to be concerned about with my IC choke w/ rifled slugs? I'd like to make absolutely sure before I take it out to the range next weekend.



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There have been thousands, if not millions of rifled slugs shot through smooth bore barrels and IC chokes, just in our own state of Ohio alone. This was the ol' standby combination for decades here, that is, before rifling started appearing in shotgun barrels and chokes. You'll be fine, shot away.


Or, you go the other way, shot a sabot slug through a rifled choke tube. This will be fine as well.


DON'T shoot a sabot through a smoothbore/IC combo or a rifled slug through a rifled barrel or choke.

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#1. Don't worry about hurting the barrel. Any choke up to modified is ideal.


#2. Buy "Foster" type slugs because they are designed for a smoothbore barrel. Note that foster type slugs flatten and expand rapidly.


#3. Personally, I would recommend a Brenneke slug because they are loaded in Germany and not designed to expand on impact the way most full bore slugs are. Most slugs are built for thin skinned game like deer. Brennekes are not designed to expand, they have no hollow core. They kill by weight, diameter, and penetration ... which is what you want against a tough 400lb boar.


#4. My next choice would be the Federal TruBall slug, which has a round polymer ball inserted in the cone to keep it's shape during the explosion and I believe it travels with the lead slug all the way.


#5. PRACTICE with the slug of choice and stick with it. Keep in mind "slugs" out of a shotgun kick like a mule. A 12ga, 1-1/4oz slug (545grains) traveling at 1500fps out of a 7lb gun produces approximately 50ft/lbs of recoil. For comparison ... A .375 H&H Magnum produces 40ft/lbs, a .458 Winchester Magnum produces 51 ft/lbs.


Have fun ... and welcome to Benelli.

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