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You'll never guess what I did today...


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Across from our office was a moose! We followed it so the Fish and Game would know where to go, and after they tranquilized it we helped load it in their horse trailer. smile.gif



Kind of hard to see, but if you look right above the purple flower you can see her outline:



Here she has been tranquilized and the Fish and Game officer is holding her so that she won't try to stand.



Same guy, just a closer shot.



They put her on a tarp with handles and we all helped carry her out. Here's a head shot of her.



Here's her hind quarters (where I was carrying from). If you look close on the lower left you can see where they darted her (some blood is there, it just shows as a dark spot on the picture).



All loaded up in the horse trailer.



Sorry about the quality of the pictures, all I had with me was my cell phone and it's camera isn't the best. The F&G guys said this was the second or third time they had had to remove this moose from town. Cow moose weighing in at about 700 pounds they thought. Looked bigger than that to me. :D

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This is defiantly not big game hunting but it was very, very lucky and kind of cool. So today I decide to shoot my really expensive pellet gun. I use this gun for the crows, black squirrels, and other pests. Since it is the spring now and the pests came out I decided to sight it in. I shoot 5 shots and do minor changes to the scope. All of the sudden I see a robin about 100 yards away from my window, (witch is where I am shooting from.) I quickly make adjustments. I make the scope higher and more to the left. I take my aim and I breath in and hold it. I squeeze the trigger. The bird is down. When I went to see the bird I just happened to hit it in the head! This was out of pure luck, maybe some skill involved. tongue.gif :D

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