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Condor vs Nova


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I went looking around for a new shotgun today and saw alot of shotguns but was most interested in the Stoeger Conder (over/under) and the benelli nova in camo, both would be in 12gauge. I will be using this gun for everything from dove to waterfowl, and everything in between. They were both about the same price so I was just wondering if I could get some suggestions.





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i have the nova for about 2 years now and i love that gun it works very well i shoot houndreds of boxes of ammo all year round during the summer i do trap, then dove, then pheasant, then some waterfowl so my nova has seen pretty much all sizes of amo, and it has never ever jammed on me once. i have seen the condor and it seems pretty nioce of a gun but when you start doing duck adn waterfowl i wouldnt want to bring a nive o/u into the water or mud. also with my nova i dont really have to worry about water dropping it or scratches its durrable and stylish. the choice is up to you its all in the game that you will mostly hunt.


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I have a condor and it is great for pheasant hunting. I have owned it about 5 years now. No problems. But for waterfowl i'd go with a nova or the stoeger P350 it handles magnum loads if you are a goose man.


I own a 2000 also I bought it mainly for turkey hunting, can't complain its an ok gun. But had problems with misfire if using anything but federal ammo.

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