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hunt test


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got to take ol doc out on an early hunt test last sunday it was a blast doc made the newbies look realy bad they were mostly show dogs and there un-trained owners. the old fellow cleared the bird field (6 planted quail 3 for him and 3 for his brace mate) he evan backed his brace mate, i was shocked. he hasent been on birds since last winter. i also got to warm up a little i took 6 out of 9 released chucker i did cheat tho and we took out a couple of there flight feathers :D the idea of the day was to train the dogs to retreve a shot bird and if i kept missing that kind of defeats the point. i took duncan out also :( i think im just going to keep him around to poop in the nabors flower bed :D

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I to, with my brother had a chance to take our two (2 yr old litter mate springers) out for a romp in the grass for some pheasants. We had 8 put out. the pups put 8 up, we shot 8 and the pups retreived 8. It was a good day however, it is so hot and dry in Ca that we used a 10 oz bottle of "clear eyes" to flush the seeds out of their eyes. I have never done this, this early in the year before. I hope we get some weather to put the seeds on the ground..........Good Hunting........Upland04

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