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Dang, this forum needs a few new threads going in it.


Upland hunting is what I have enjoyed most since giving up big game hunting. Big game became too much like work - go out, knock something down, then the fun is over and the work begins. I don't have that same feeling when I go out and enjoy the woods, take a few birds and come home with them. A heckuva lot less work to pack out one to eight birds in a vest as compared to an elk. AND I still get to be out in the woods and hunting.


Last fall I bought myself a hunting companion. Uli (pronounced ooo-lee) is a German Shorthair. He's coming up on ten months old in the next five days and is very much a pup still. I'm looking forward to hunting with him this fall and hopefully enjoying upland game all that much more. Hopefully I'll be able to have him do a little retrieving as well and then maybe I can start to do some waterfowl as well, as that is something I've never done at all in all of my time hunting.


So far I have primarily enjoyed hunting Ruffed grouse, and last fall found that we have a fair number of Blues in my area, though I've not seen any yet. I think I'll be trying to find a few spots for pheasant as well, which that is another bird I've not taken. We also have quite a few Hungarian Partridge in my area so we'll be trying to take a few of them also.


Lots of hunting to look forward to this fall. smile.gif

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Nicely put. I hadn't really thought about it, and had felt a "hole" after hunting big game for a few years. But your post hits the mark. I appreciate every pheasant hunt and remember each with great regard. Lots of friends, good times, and good working dogs.


Thanks for the post, and I'll post more often.

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