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Effectiveness of Recoil Reducer/Ported Choke


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I tried the recoil reducer in my Nova and it did add a lot of un-wanted weight at the rear of the gun. This caused me to have to think about it every time I shouldered the gun due to the new ballance point. I did notice a small bit of recoil reduction but that is usually the caes when you add weight. I removed the unit and sold it on E-bay to recover my investment. Ihad a Ported Browning O/U 12 but could not tell the difference between it and my un-ported guns. Just my preceptions.

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I added a 4.5 inch reducer but put it inside of the mag tube to hold the muzzle down, it takes the place of the plug...my recoil was coming from face slap.. this helped tremendously!!!!! I also had my barrel ported by "top line porting" in Ok...they only charge 75 bucks for five holes...far as much as I shoot my gun, this was definitely worth the small investment!!! I dont even flinch when I shoot now!! Good luck!!! jrs

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Originally posted by OldFart:

1. Anyone have experiences with the mercury recoil reducer if used on the Benelli Nova with 3 1/2 in loads?

2. Effectiveness of a ported choke in reducing recoil???

Thanks Ray

I have spent too much money and time with recoil reducing devices without success. Wish I had my money back! Mercury reducers in the stock will move the center of balance too far to the rear as the reducer is heavy with minimal effect on recoil. You could attach a brick on the stock with duct tape with virtually the same effect as mercury and at a greatly reduced expense!!


I have had barrels ported in the past at no small expense and the pressure in a shotgun barrel is low and therefore the effect of the vented gases is minimal. Had a .44 Rem Mag pistol ported (MagNaPort) and it worked quite well due to the high gas pressures in the barrel. Porting "may" be more effective in a 3 1/2 inch as this is the highest pressure shotgun load made (the .410 is second believe it or not!). My experience was with 2 3/4 inch 12 ga. loads. I would be suspect of ported chokes with regard to recoil. Most of the major manufacturers of chokes will tell you vented chokes effect on recoil is minimal if at all.


A gas-operated shotgun will produce minimal felt recoil for any given load. The recoil is spread over a longer time period and also avoids the sharp peak recoil of a non gas gun.


A 3 1/2 inch fixed-breech Nova is going to kick like the devil and one either accepts that fact of physics or trades for a Beretta 391 or Remington auto.


Best of Luck!

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While on this subject you all don't mind might i ask another question into the fray of recoil reduceing?



I own a M1 Practical with a pistol grip stock. Its ported from the barrel with 6 ports just behind the front sight and comes with a 3" bird cage style muzle break that threads on to the cylinder choke via a duel thread setup, now for the interisting part


with every shell i've tried and right now *with only owning the gun for about 4 days* i'm up to 7 differnt types of ammo, and from everything I can tell it ADDS recoil to the over all "kick" of the gun, in the notes from Benelli's Catalog it states the Practical is pointed to the ISPC shooters can anyone PLEASE offer me any insight as to what the benifit of this thing is? i have been working with guns for about 20 years now i've seen some porting/recoil combo's work great and others not so great, and given i have my specific's but this one is baffleing me.


so, anyone.... please ..anything?



thank you for your time and have a great day





Lupinus Nobilitas



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For what it's worth, I installed a mercury recoil

reducer in the magazine tube on my Winchester

1300 pump, it did reduce recoil, I also installed

a Limb saver recoil pad on the same gun, that

helped even more.bottom line, they are worth the

small investment, look around for a cheaper price

Ibought my recoil reducer for about 12.00 bucks

.. new, recoil pad was about 23.00.

As far as porting goes, I did not do that.

just my 2 cents ;)

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