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Selecting a gun


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Hi guys. First time here so go easy. I spent 6 years as a cop but have also been out of that profession for 7 years now. I have not shot a gun since that time. I recently went skeet shooting and borrowed my brothers semi auto shotgun. I know nothing about shotguns but did fall in love with skeet and trap. I have shot 6 times in the past two weeks and shot in a local tourney where I finished fourth out of 35. I now want to learn more about shotguns and I also want to find a good shotgun for me to purchase. Any thoughts on a gun, not over the top pricing but around $600 would not hurt too much. Also any info you can direct me to too learn more. Thanks in advance.

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Do you shoot skeet and trap at a club or range? if you do ask around and see if anyone has a gun for sale. You should be able to get a good deal. I recently bought a bt-99 with adjustable comb and recoil reducer for $650. Also trap and skeet guns are very different which on will you be shooting the most?

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Make sure you buy all the choke tubes, try to get a good deal, once you have paid for the gun, ask the dealer if he/she can throw in a free box of shells, works allmost all the time.


If they have an range, take advantage, make it clear that you want to buy, have them give you a gun to try, go through about half a box of shells and say you would like to try another. Why? Have a great day shooting guns for free and you will also have a better feel for what you want.

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If you've only tried Skeet and Trap, make it a point to shoot a few rounds of Sporting Clays and Five Stand before you buy a gun. You may like these games as well and that might make a difference as to what gun you should buy.

As for me I like skeet a Sporting clay best but I like to shoot all four from time to time. For years I was on a tight budget, so I shot with a pump. A Winchester 1300 with a 28" barrel, that bought at Wal-Mart for around $220. I just recently was able to purchase a semi auto, a Franchi 712 Raptor. What ever you get, make sure it has changable choke tubes. If you can afford it, buy a gun with extended choke tubes that you can change quickly without any tools. Ported barrels are also a nice feature. Take a look at this page, both of these guns are designed just for clays.




Much like you, I too am on a budget. The O/U is very nice, it cost almost twice what the Raptor cost. They list the Raptor for $900 but if you shop around they can be found for $750 - $799. I felt that the raptor gave me the most features I wanted for the best price. Looks nice too.

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