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I bought one of these magnetic sights for my 712 Raptor and was very disapointed with it. The sight creaps backwards with the recoil of each shot. after about 3 shots, it's creaped back far enough that the gas being ported from the barrel porting blows the sight right off the rib. :confused:


Lesson: Don't try to use these with ported barrels.


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Try the EasyHIt fiber optic sight from Tom Knapp's website in the online store. www.tomknapp.net. I purchased one and placed it on my Nova. I left the original sight on and placed the new one up againts it. The sight goes on as an adhesive. Yes!! it does and I thought that was crazy but Knapp Gurantees the sight or will refund your money including the shipn.


I like the sight it does not move and stays on tight. the sight in more inline with the original and does not go on higher as many other fiber sights do. I had a Hiviz sight magnetic and my sight picture was off and I wounded alot of ducks. I changed that sight with Tom Knapps and wow what a difference. The Sight also helps with eye dominice problems and makes you mount your weapon porperly. I have purchased three for my Nova, superblack eagle and an over and under. smile.gif

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Originally posted by The_Gun_Guy:

Does anyone know where I can find a fiber optic front sight that will fit the nova pump?


Also is there a way to remove the sighting bead from a standard shotgun without damaging the the brass bead itself?


dont take off the original sight just put this one right up againts it.

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Any thoughts on removing the center bead on the SBE II? I have changed the front sight and don't know if I really like the rear one. Has anyone done this? Did you just leave the hole there or use a blank or something else to fill it?




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