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Some Video Tips from Tom Knapp & EasyHit


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Here are a few video pointers from Tom Knapp on using the EasyHit sighting system.


Eye Dominance


Keeping Both Eyes Opened


Keeping Your Head Down


Proper Form on the Skeet Field


These videos are ripped from a DVD I received with my new EasyHit.

Admin., if there's a problem posting these, let me know and I'll remove the links and the hosted files.

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The Easyhit was not for me.

I am an instinctive point/shoot guy using both eyes wide opened.

The big bright bead was actually distracting my eye from the birds.

I went back to the original factory bead.


I think the easyhit is good for folks with eye dominance problems or for those who have not shot enough to use proper form and tend to lift their heads.

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I love my Easy Hit, but then again I still cannot hit a barn door. As I posted on another area, my wife beats me at the trap range and she has one on her gun. She likes it as it keeps her head down. For me it just helps me keep the gun straight because if you don't the red light of the system goes away and you are not looking straight down the gun. I could see how it could get in the way though. Maybe that is my problem, ha, ha.....

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