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Flighted mallard hunts???


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I saw a video clip the other day of just such a hunt, only it was in Africa.......for Lions. I'll look for the link, but the short and sweet is that they fired at a Lion, it fell, got up and charged them, knocking one down. No fatalities, thankfully, but the same deal......more money than anything else. I'm going to try and find that link, I think it was from ebaumsworld.com.



I found it: http://ebaumsworld.com/2006/07/lionhunt.html

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Where I saw this was on a PBS show, some rich SOB purchased this hunt at an auction.


I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the birds dive bombing the dogs retrieving the dead ones. It was almost as if you could say pull and out comes a mallard trying to land on top of you. I would be embarrassed if I was found to have participated in something like this.

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