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A Benelli CS story...


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Broke the ejector plate on an older SBE. It was the new flat-plate style of ejector, but this gun has had lots of 3.5" shells shot through it. Maybe 1000 last year alone.


Called Benelli CS and got an RA#. This did take some time on phone hold, but it's hunting season, so no big deal.


Benelli CS received the barrel via UPS on 12-18-06.


The work order shows the repair was done the next day, 12-19-06, and I received the barrel today, 12-27-06.


The invoice was marked "No Charge'.


I've needed Benelli CS just a few times in my 17 seasons of owning Benellis, but this is the type of service I have received each time.


I don't think that folks should confuse the lack of an available model or part with true customer service that keeps a gun operating properly.


Thank you Benelli.


Note - I will add that Browning acted very quickly on my last parts request, but I had to pay in full for everything I needed to keep my gun working. I am happy with Browning, but I don't think this is really 'customer' service, it's just someone in their parts department doing his job...

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That's great to hear.


With Benelli's track record, I've come to expect this kind of above and beyond service on just about anything.

I wouldn't be disappointed if my gun was out of warranty and I had to pay for service, but I guess I would be somewhat surprised.


Did Jim do the work, or do you know?

Haven't heard from him in some time.

Hoping he's still with us...them.:cool:


The only other company I can think of that comes close to or perhaps surpasses benelli in CS is Cabelas.

They never cease to amaze me.

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