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  1. Can anyone point me to a contact at Benelli so I can order a collapsible stock for my M4 ?
  2. Maybe you should go back and look at your sent emails then, because YOU contacted me via PM and offered to sell it to me for $600.00. You even directed me specifically to the Big Game board. Good luck with your uh-hem...sale. Thank you Sir.
  3. Thanks for the reply, but there is no way I'd pay $600.00 for a black barrel that has been cut down, when I can get an OEM camo barrel from Benelli with both sights included for $560.00. I'd give you $450.00 for just the barrel and that is against my better judgement.
  4. Lt3097

    M3 or the M4

    Now I only have one, the M4. Personal choice. Which ever you prefer and are the most proficient with should be your determining factor. The M4 is tuff to beat at any rate.
  5. Anybody got a line on these ? Price ? I would like to pick one up before deer season.
  6. Yeah, for some reason Benelli made some minor changes to the 18.5" barrel. My M4 is the LE model and when they made the barrel changes they were supposed to update the foreends as well. Some got out of the retail locations without the updated forends and if you call CS and give them your serial number they can tell if the retailer did or did not receive the updated forends. George said that it looked like my serial number range was supposed to have been changed out. When I told him what it was doing, he said the retailer must not have called about the update so it didn't get corrected. Anyway, he took my info and put a new set in the mail for me, no charge. They didn't ask for the old set back either.
  7. I just dropped an email to Customer Service. I was having a problem getting the forend of my Benelli M4 to come together and I called Benelli and spoke with George Thompson of your C.S. Dept. George was a great help and gave me some insight into the problem He also took my information down and is sending me the correct forearm part for my gun. Keep up the great work guys. This just confirms with me that I did the right thing when I bought my Benelli SBE II and my Benelli M4. Cudo's to all.
  8. Time for homework Jr.......You better do a little research on your last comment. The .22cal bullet is one of the most deadly rounds in the history of firearms.
  9. Boy, that is a question that may never be answered. Like everyone else, I can only offer an opinion. One of the other posters probably hit the nail on the head. No experience dealing with a real world situation such as this. Think about this if you have kids, and I have three, one in college and two in high school. What would your kids have done ? I know for a fact that my children have an edge over some kids the same age because their father is a police officer. They have been with me at times in my marked police unit when I have been obligated to take police action. WE have rehearsed what to do. Time permitting, I drop them off at a well lit location before doing anything, but sometimes it happens too fast. They were all taught to run away from the police vehicle the moment the vehicle stops. But this, this was totally different. My kids may very well have done the same thing as some of the kids who have already told their accounts of this tragedy. They tried to hide or lay motionless probably thinking if I don't move he won't know I'm here. They were taken by surprise. They didn't have the benefit of working on a plan of action. Would you want to bum rush an armed suspect to find that you were the only person making a move ? It's just not human nature to rush and active shooter, something that you already know is potential suicide. And what about this ? We actively instruct attendees at our crime watch classes not to resist. If they want your purse or the money from the cash box, don't fight. Remember that ? So what's the solution. I don't know. We train in law enforcement to always be aware of our surroundings and to be weary of those who are close enough to do us harm. It's called being in the red zone. Until i'm satisfied that everything is ok, I stay in a modified form of the red zone even when i'm off duty. Ya ever wonder why that cop looks at you like ya got two heads when you speak to him or approach him unexpectedly. He's probably in the red zone. May they all rest in peace and may whatever higher being they worship give their family members the strength to get through this.
  10. Lt3097

    M4 14 inch barrel

    Do you think Briley could drill and tap a spare Crio barrel for a scope mount ? What is their contact info ?
  11. Listed on Auction Arms.
  12. I purchased both the SBE II and the Beretta Extrema II within the last six months. I love them both. The Beretta came with the kickoff system and it makes shooting those 3.5" monster shells a tad bit easier to handle. If I were forced to pick only one right now, it would be tough to do. Since this is the Benelli forum, I'd probably say I like the Benelli more. They have a different feel. The Benelli being more like a sleek race horse and the Beretta being more like a quarter horse. Like others have said. If you read the manual and do what they tell you to do, to condition the weapon, you should not be disappointed. The only jams or hang-ups with either gun shooting a variety of loads was with the Winchester AA trap loads. They would not cycle in the Benelli and I didn't get to try them in the Beretta. In all candor, I did not expect them to work so it wasn't/isn't an issue right now. I also found a really big difference in comfort when shooting 3" magnum loads. Felt more like a 2.75 bird shot shell....real mild.
  13. M1014, I'll settle for just the barrel right now. I already have the $200.00 tax stamp. Just need to do the paperwork and fork over another $5.00 to ATF......
  14. No bruising, just a little sore from all the pounding between the SBEII and the M4. I was shooting the lowest price Winchester and Remington 3.5 magnum shells I could find at Outdoor World. I think they were 2 and 4 shot mixed in with some Turkey laods. Point well taken about the turkey. I have never been, so this year(end of the month), will be my first trip. I guess I better rethink my strategy. That 3.5 seems like sound advise to me.
  15. Lt3097

    My Pattern

    Mudhen, Have you tested any of the new Remington 4 x 6 Turkey loads ?
  16. I don't believe there is such a thing as "matching" serial numbers. Consecutive maybe, but not matching.....
  17. My M3 came with a shorter magazine tube. I believe the standard is 4 or 5 rounds after you remove the duck plug. I'd have to look to be 100% sure cause I have it locked up right now. Kinda ignoring it right now since I got my M4. Mine cost $850 three months ago. Cost is really dependant upon several issues one of them being where you live and what the supply is like in your area.
  18. Yep, it doesn't make any difference when ya shoot 3.5" magnums.
  19. I took my M4 and my SBE II to the range Saturday and ran about 250 rounds between the two of them. Let me tell ya, my right shoulder feels like it has been mule kicked. It might have been a li'l too much all at the same time. I was shooting the cheapest 3.5" heavy loads I could find out of the SBE II and it ran like a champ, but jesus does that sucker kick. I also busted 50-60 rounds of 3"magnum outta my M4LE with the collapsable stock. I passed them around to 5 other guys who wanted to shoot and(I let them shoot as much as they wanted), all of them walked away shakin their heads. It's no surprise, I actually considered the 3" magnum and the 2 3/4 were very mild compared to that 3.5". What in gods name, anybody needs to shoot a shell that large for is beyond me. I suppose Duck & Goose hunters can justify it though. A bunch of hunting clothes will take away some of that punishment too. It sure does kick though wearing nothing but a T-shirt. I missed the first clay pigeon, but had no problems picking them up after that first shot shot miss from the SBEII. I broke 18 in a row once I got myself acclimated. I was shooting 3" magnum load and it was actually mild. I also shot ten Clay pigeons with my M4. I mounted a ProPoint red dot when I was shooting slugs, and thought I'd give it a whirl after one of the guys threw a challenge at me. I was very impressed with both guns. Especially that M4. I made 3 - 25yrd. standing shots with the slugs once I got it dialed in. You could have covered them all with a silver dollar.
  20. Lt3097

    M4le 11707

    I had it drop shipped to my department right from Benelli. I had to sign my name in blood, give up my first born and fax them a verification letter that I was active law enforcement. Other than that, you can get them from a guy in NY who is selling them on Gunbroker if you're willing to pay over $600.00 for one. This stock is sooooo basic it almost makes ya sick. It comes in two pieces. A pistol grip and the buttstock end. You actually use the existing recoil tube and slid the buttstock assembly over the tube and wham, it's there. They are really excellent parts and really mount the shoulder well, but way over priced.
  21. Lt3097

    M4le 11707

    I am very happy to report that I got my collapsable stock today and had it installed in less than 15 minutes. Taking her out along with my SBE II for a trial run on Saturday. New mag tube should be here soon from SoComguy and I'll be crappin in the tall cotton. Anybody happen to notice the stock offered on the Beretta Rx4 Storm ? Looks like an M4 variation to me. Engineers from Benelli and Beretta came up with this hybrid. Odd looking thing that it is.
  22. Excellent post. I can see that you have knowledge of some of the issues that I didn't delve into because I did not want to make this a tit for tat, or a rambling diatribe. I was only trying to illuminate the terrain in which we were traveling.....and always in a friendly manner.
  23. I'll try not to go off on a rant here. Some of your points are well founded and others are just plain without fact. I will try to cut to the chase for you and maybe we can agree to disagree on some of the issues. First, let me qualify my response by telling you that I have an ATF friend and instructor who was on scene during this fiasco, until he was shot 5 times and lay wounded inside the walls of the compound. He was incapacitated as a result of his gunshot wounds and could not crawl to safety. While he lay on the ground, Branch Davidians took turns taking pot shots at his body when they saw movement. He had radio communications and each time they saw him move to talk, they shot. After 3 or 4 shots, the 5th shot finally hit him in the buttocks. He swears that he is alive today because he was sooooo pissed, he was determined to kill ther SOB that shot him. He went on to tell myself and others in the class the filed commanders knew this was going south before the loaded up in the cattle trucks to drive up the lane to the front doors and here's why. A Branch Davidian confidant, who was a US Postal employee, accidentially ran across the troops staging for the approach. He in turn passed the information on to the media who seized the opportunity for news ratings, and jeopardized the entire operation because one of the media was reported to have had ties with a Davidian in the compound, who alerted Koresh. The AFT had a forward observing spotting team in place who actually reported this activity first hand from a very close distance to the front door. Even though the Field Commanders who know knew that Koresh had been alerted to the raid resisted going thru with the approach at this time, the Man in control of this situation who was flying above the compound in a helicopter, gave the order to execute the raid. That is pretty much it in the nutshell. You are right, they had ample opportunity to pick up Koresh in the town. They even detained him one of the days leading up to the raid, but had to let him leave as they did not have the proof of his misdeeds that they needed at that point in the investigation. You are right, not one of those innocent people deserved to die in that raid and mistakes were made on both sides. I can assure you of this, the ATF and FBI leadership responsible for their agents on this cluster will have to live with their decision the rest of their lives, and the bottom line is that Koresh is responsible for their deaths. Unfortunately, the Fed leadership were the dupes who unwittingly facilitated his violence. True, some of their leadership should probably be in jail. I'm not trying to justify the AFT. All I'm saying is that you can't paint the entire agency with such a broad brush. They perform a very important and sometimes dangerous job. There are bumbling incompetent leaders in every agency and branch of the military service. I have no information about the flag issue you mentioned so I can't comment. If your statement is true, it was definitely a mistake. As far as blind faith is concerned, did you ever get an order while you were in the military you didn't agree with ? As long as it's moral and legal, ya do your job to the best of your ability right. Some even do it out of fear of being labeled a coward or a mal-content but ya still go along with your brothers and sisters in arms. I suspect a lot of this was going on in Waco.
  24. I don't agree with Military Police at all. I can only assume due to his moniker, he was a former miliatry police officer. If that's the case, he should know better than to make a statement like that. It isn't that BATF that's at fault....It's the politicians/lawmakers period. I know many good men and women serving with the BATF right now that put their buckets on the line to uphold the law from those that break it. I worked joint investigative task forces with them, the FBI and Secret Service. I also have a little more insight into the reference he made to the children (Branch Davidian Compound raid). There were a whole lot of those heros that didn't agree with what was goin on, but they sucked it up, followed orders and did their job. Some got killed in the process and some will never be able to forget what the saw and had to do. There is a purpose for the BATF, they do a whole lot more than just keeping you away from a gun you probably shouldn't have anyway.
  25. Yeah, I thought about that as well but luckily, I had another avenue to get one. I'm still waiting for those more connected than me to find out just what the **** the real story is with this issue. If the Feds are banning the item people deserve to know. I talked to another dealer today who has connections with Benelli and he said this may all be an interpretation miscommunication between Benelli and ATF. Here's another spin. I have a $200 tax stamp for my Colt 9mm SBR rifle. I was told I can register my M4 as a SBS by paying an additional $5.00. Then I can put whatever suits my fancy on it. You know that some interprising individual is gonna start making American made replacements parts and BINGO, now it is magically gonna comply with the Ban and become a legal weapon. As long as I don't cut anything and I keep the original parts, I could possibly return it to it's original configuration with the blessing of ATF. This is in the event I want to seel it down the line.
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