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Super Nova Newbie Question


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Firstly, Seasons greetings from the UK!


I've just acquired a new Comfortech Supernova w/ 24" barrel and mag extension, giving 7+1 capacity. This is mainly intended for IPSC shotgun comps and slug target / action shooting matches.


I had the gun at the range this afternoon and put about three boxes of shells through it. I'm really pleased with my choice, although it is taking a little effort getting used to the slightly different pump-action from a Rem 870.


At the moment I have it fitted with the Williams shotgun 'Firesight' system (SUPERB) but I might like to fit a red dot / holosight at some stage.


Does anyone know if it is possible to fit (drill and tap?) the receiver to accept a rail? The receiver does not come factory drilled and tapped - not available in the UK, I'm advised.


Thanks in advance for any advice



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I have a Super Nova Tactical and it came tapped and drilled and to my knowledge all Super Novas should be that way. It might be different in the UK than in the states. But I don't see a problem in having a gunsmith do it for you. Or you can get a mount from B Square that mounts on it so you can put a red dot or scope on it that is what I have on my Nova.

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Sonyman74 - Thanks for the prompt response.


Interesting what you say; the UK Benelli dealership has just changed hands and I won't be able to get an 'official' response from the new distributor for about two weeks. However, the Supernova that I have is one of the American models ( it has the Benelli USA markings on the LH receiver). Very few Supernovas are sold in the UK - mine was a special order, diverted from a batch destined for the USA, even so it took nearly three months to arrive from Italy (I hope that it is more reliable than the Alfa Romeo I used to drive!)


I was told that the 'Tactical' and 'Slug gun' models WERE drilled and tapped but not others (and certainly not mine). I am certain that you are correct in asserting that the receiver will suffer no ill effect through drilling and tapping - I just need to establish the dimensions of the correct mounting screws for the Benelli rail. Also, as mine is a Supernova I think that the receiver dimensions will differ from those of the Nova, precluding use of a Nova-specific aftermarket mount.


Incidentally, are Benelli parts / accessories as highly priced in the USA as in the UK? A replacement barrel is about 80 percent of the price of a complete gun and recoil pads and cheek pieces are equivalent to 100 USD and 80 USD respectively. Oh, just to make you wince, the cheapest slug ammo (NOT sabot) is about 90 USD per 100!

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