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New M4 range report


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OK, new to the forum. Just picked up my first Benelli, M4 1017 (I think). Gotta say that so far I am impressed. I did a brief cleaning and check for obstructions, then went and got 100 rds of light target loads, and one box of 3" mag duck stuff (was all they had).


I started with a few mags full of the light loads. Quite spiffy recoil (knew that going in), but ran flawlessly. Then I ran about 15 rds of the 3" stuff through her. Wow, that will open your eyes!! I love this thing. Then I went back and ran about 60 rds of light dove loads, and finally, I ran the rest of my shells, 125 in all, mixed between the light birdshot and the 3" magnum. Never had a bobble. I did try one mag full from the hip with a very loose hold just to see if I could make it short stroke. While it did feel like the action was a bit more sluggish, it still never missed a beat.


The cheek piece will beat you up just a bit if you get a bit careless, but the cool factor of this one is major!


Now, I have a nice red shoulder and I am one HAPPY CAMPER!!! Boy, what a sweet shotgun. I have a feeling she won't be lonely long. Just what I need is another addiction. Stupid BRD is expensive enough. Now I have BSD (Black Shotgun Disease) also :D :D



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That's why you should buy one of SOCOMguy's Made In The USA mag tubes. Full length, allows for a total of 9 2 3/4 shells. 7 in the magazine tube, 1 on the carrier, and one in the chamber.


Very much worth the money. Looks damned good, too.

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