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Ammo question


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I have a chance to pick up some ammo at a good price. Was wondering if anyone has shot this stuff in their Benelli M4s:


12GA Federal Tactical LE 00 Buckshot w/a factory specified muzzle velocity of 1145fps.


I don't want LOW RECOIL ammo. It does not say LOW RECOIL anywhere on the boxes, but at that velocity I am not sure how it will cycle in the M4. Most of the 9 pellet 00 buck I am shooting is in the 1300 FPS range , Anybody??? Thanks , Michael

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Happy New Year!


If that ammo has a somewhat yellow/gold and black box, then I have used it. I know I used Federal LE 00 buck, but can't remember 'tactical' on the box. It sure did not feel low recoil to me, but I distinctly remember using it after trying 2 rounds of 3 inch magnum 00 buck, and my shoulder hurt for anything after that. My Benelli has used everything including 'low recoil' buckshot and super-lite target loads without a hickup thus far.

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I have shot the Federal tactical ammo you mention. Probably 200 rounds worth.


1) It IS low recoil (it will say this on the shells, but not the box). No doubt about it.


2) MY Benelli m4 cycles it just fine (it cycles all low recoil ammo well). However, you never know if YOUR M4 might not cycle it...

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