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Mag. Ext. question.


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Is it possable to use my Super Nova with a mag. ext. and only be able to put in two shells or do I need to take it off so I will be legal to hunt. In Louisiana you can only have three shells in the gun. I want to use it to hunt hogs and was hoping not to remove it if there was something I could do.:confused:

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I suppose you could make or have made a longer limiter plug to restrict the capacity to two.

To be legal, the limiter cannot be removable unless some disassembly occurs.

A simple limiter can be fashioned from a wooden dowel of about 5/16 diameter.

If the magazine holds 5, then just do the math and make the limiter the length of 3 shells.


Be sure to test it using 2-3/4" shells and be certain that no more than 2 can be stuffed into the mag.

Personally, I'd simply take the extension off completely, then re-install when finished hunting.

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