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Refinishing Question


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First off, as a newbie, let me say "Hi all".


I am planning on buying a Benelli M2 in the very near future in the black synthetic model. (I have read too many complaints regarding the camo models fading and chipping). I am probably going to have it refinished with right away with something like Diamondkote or Rogard to help with the corrosion problems I've read about with the black models.


My question is, will the application process (heat/baking) for these type of products damage or void the benefits of the "CRIO" process that Benelli is using on their new barrels?


Any info would be appreciated,


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First off, for the large part the people who complain about the durability of the dipped finishes did not have realistic expectations or a keen understanding of the finish to begin with.

There have been exceptions.


Secondly, NO black finished Benelli will corrode with proper care.

Mine's now three years old and there is absolutely no rust on the gun. There are some battle scars, but no rust of any kind.


To answer your specific question, no... the heat from a baked on finish such as gunkote will have no effect on the crio treatment.

These finishes bake on at temps that are nowhere near hot enough to alter the molecular structure of the crio-treated or any other steel or alloys used on Benellis.



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If you do decide to have it refinished, I'll add a big vote for KG Coatings. I've had numerous guns done by them. It's also the finish that I use on most of the custom guns that I build for folks.


Call KG Coatings and ask for Chris Fazio. He'll answer all your questions.


You might want to wait a week or so, though. KG Coatings has a booth as the SHOT Show this week and most of their folks will be there instead of at the shop.

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