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M2 20 guage concern?


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I would like to state I am a very loyal customer of Benelli as I have several of them in my safe and think very highly of each gun. I recently purchased an M2 20 gauge and came across a thread on another forum about a guy who owns a M2 20 gauge which I thought I would like to collect more information about. I recently shot my M2 20 this past weekend and put right at 100 rounds through it. The first 50 rounds were 3" pheasant loads, and the next 50 were 2 3/4" dove loads. The gun ran fine and cycled without a problem. I did inspect my gun after reading this post and did find 2 contact marks in the back of my receiver where there is contact being made by the back of the bolt. As I did purchase the M2 knowing of the improvements over the proven M1 platform as I am an avid duck hunter. I would be interested in knowing if the M1 20's are exhibiting these contact marks and if any other M2 20's out there are as well. I am not intending on modifying my M2 as I know it can void my warranty but wanted to collect some insight and feedback from others. I am concerned over the long haul and life of the gun this contact could prove to be detrimental, but at this time I am not sure. For the record my SBE2's don't have any distinct contact marks which I can find. Thanks in advance.



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DuckHunter, I have a like new M2 20 ga w/less than 100 rds to it's name that suffers from the same problems yours has. I called Benelli as to address this issue and was told to send this gun in but I certainly didn't want to do this until Duck season was out. Has anyone w/an M2 bothered to pull the bolt and look to see if yours has the same tell tell marks on the back of the receiver from contact w/the bolt? I am guessing most do. I am going to call BBenelli today again and see if this is a mass problem among M2 20 ga Benelli products. I will post my findings later.

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Well I called Benelli and was even able to get one of the gunsmiths to call me back which I really appreciate. What I found out ALL of their guns are doing this. I checked out my 2 SBE2's in my safe which have seen field use and both of them have impact marks on the back of the bolts and marks on the receivers. Nothing extreme but there is minor contact being made on ALL my Benelli guns. He told me it was something to not be concerned with and felt it would not be something to get worse over time.

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