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Just looking for some opinions


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I'm new to the shotgun community, but I was looking for a little advice on purchasing a pump shotgun. I know everyone here is probably somewhat biased towards benelli, but I am trying to decide between the Benelli Nova Pump and the Remington 870. I am looking for synthetic and I will use it for hunting waterfowl and shooting clay targets. Please give me your advice, it is greatly appreciated. I want to make the right decision.

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I would definately say get the nova. I have on and absolutely love it. My brother has a 20 and a 12 gauge 870 and they both have problems. His 20 gauge will not fire in cold weather, might be from the wrong kind of oil. And his 12 has quite a few rounds stay in the chamber when he tries to eject them. He has only used both guns a little bit this whole year. I used my nova about every other day for the last few months and have not had one problem that was related to the gun. And it is a fun clay gun too. Hope this helped. :D

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It's hard to beat the 870, they have been in my family for years and no one has really had a problem. A few years back my brother bought a nova and I got a SBE, after shooting the nova I don't much care for it, but my brother absoultely loves the gun, go figure. If you like the way the nova feels and points get it, if not go with the 870, I have to of them and have had no problens.

Bottom line both guns are well built, and will last a life time

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